Using the Schematic Symbol Editor in TINA, Part 1: Making Your Own Schematic Symbols

Using TINA’s Schematic Symbol Editor, you can create new schematic symbols so that you can add your own circuit components to TINA.  To create new symbols, you place lines, arcs, rectangles, and arbitrary characters with any fonts, specifying line-width, color, and area color fills.  After drawing the symbol, you add and define connections to it.

In this tutorial video we will show how you can create a new symbol for the full-adder circuit (that was used previously in our “Creating Subcircuits from Schematics 2- Macro in Macro” video) and use in TINA.

Watch our tutorial video to see how  you can create a new symbol for the full-adder circuit  and use in TINA.


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Dr. Michael Koltai