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Excellence in Computer Aided Design and Educational Software

Excellence in Computer Aided Engineering & Design and Educational Software

The Complete
Electronics Lab

Analog, digital, symbolic, RF and mixed mode circuit simulation & design, virtual and real-time measurements, integrated PCB design. Enhanced with super-fast multi-core engine, mixed HDL, microcontroller (MCU), SMPS and Spice simulation, Flowchart Programming, Live 3D Breadboard, S-parameter models, Stress Analysis, and much more.

Multimedia Lab for Exploring Electronics

A revolutionary new educational software that teaches the basics of electricity and electronics with digitally scanned photorealistic components, real-time OpenGL 3D graphics, and the corresponding circuit schematics simultaneously.

Award 2006

Multimedia Lab for Exploring Physics

Newton provides a completely new way of teaching and learning physics by exploring kinematics and dynamics in 3D. Build, manipulate or investigate real-life 3D physics experiments interactively, solve problems, and more.



3D Home Design with walk-through and animation

See your dream house spring to life, then view it from any angle with myHouse. From floor plans to customizable 3D views myHouse is the most complete home design program on the market today.





Cloud based version of TINA now running in your browser anywhere in the world.


Cloud based version of EDISON running in your browser anywhere in the world.


Professional Architectural Design Program


3D Crime, Fire and Traffic Accident Scene Reconstruction 

Software for the Law Enforcement Professional