OBSSCircuit DescriptionV1.1010/02/94 20:07 CET.Component & analysis parameters of a circuit.TINA 6.00.011CVB(c) Copyright 1993,94,95,96 DesignSoft Inc. All rights reserved.7 SCircuitQ?T@ Arial 1) Click the DC button@2) Press key A or click the On push button to turn on the lightB2) Press key S or click the Off push button to turn off the lightSymbol????333333??"@" ArialLight Switch with ThyristorSymbol????333333??%XX!pppp)pp!%(((!((!!XppXpp!!!pp%ppp)2V1 0|IG= 6,37mA 1|UG=829,5mV2N6398 BehavioralX@@h㈵>~jtx?ׇA{Gzt?ffffff?333333?,@ư>iUMu>8@ 2uR1 @@@8@2@XpIF42OpVL8@@2V Off (S)SmB2@( VF2PVB8@~2UOn (A)AmB2@XIG#uBL??&dd?Y@[dddd??.A.A.AeAMbP?@@??ư> .A" ư>A4@D@ =B?& .>??ư>ư>ư>ư>ư>ư>?I@?I@?I@;@ư>-q=ư>MbP?-q=MbP?vIh%<=Y@D@-C6??MbP?$@?{Gz?@??+= _BKH9$@Y@#B ;ư>ҶOɃ;?Xd