TINA Tutorials

This section contains informative tutorial movies and readings on the most important features and services of TINA.

Download tutorial movies covering TINA’s most important features. You need Lotus ScreenCam player to view the movies.

Click here to download ScreenCam player (Scplayer.exe, 1,128Kbyte). Once you have downloaded the file, double click on it to start installation. 

When ScreenCam Player is installed you can download and unzip the movie files below and double click on a movie file to start the tutorial.

Tutorial movies

Schematic Editor (sched1.zip 258k)

Schematic Symbol Editor (shaped.zip 164k)

Placing Wires (wire.zip 118k)

Placing Buses (bus.zip 266k)

Creating and Using Subcircuits (subcirc.zip 567k)

Adding New Components (compbar.zip 338k)

DC and AC Analysis (dcacanal.zip 233k)

Transient Analysis (tranal.zip 148k)

Symbolic Analysis (symby2.zip 93k)

Digital and Mixed Circuit Analysis (dig.zip 69k)

Virtual and Real Time Measurements (virtmeas.zip 231k)

Optimization (optima.zip 61k)

Fourier Series (fourier.zip 84k)

Fourier Spectrum (fourier2.zip 89k)

Noise Analysis (noise.zip 46k)

Tolerance Analysis (mcarlo.zip 51k)

Interactive Mode (interac.zip 68k)

Parameter Estimation (parest.zip 101k)

Problem Solving (probsol1.zip 53k)

Troubleshooting (trouble2.zip 90k)

Evaluating the Results of Symbolic Analysis (sym2ipr.zip 172k)

Exporting Symbolic Results to MathCad (mathcad.zip 250k)

Poles and Zeros (poles.zip 104k)

Calculating and Drawing Impedance (impdraw.zip 169k)