New! Analysis links in TINACloud

A new exciting feature in TINACloud that now you can add links to your circuits which allow you to carry our most TINACloud analyses simply by clicking the links without using TINAclouds’s menus. This feature is extremely useful when you create presentations for your customers.



In the above window click any of the underlined links to experience the new feature.

For example if you click the “Click here to run AC nodal analysis” link the following screen will appear.

AC Node voltages

By default is shows the rms voltage on the output(s). If you click with the cursor on any nodes (yellow boxes) of the circuit it will display the detailed nodal analysis data in a small window. Click You can repeat this any times until you press the Close button to finish the Nodal Analysis.

Further if you click the “Click here to run AC transient analysis” link, the Transient analysis will automaticall run and the following screen will appear. You can now run cursor on the diagram or close the diagram and make further analyses.


Click here to watch our tutorial video!

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Dr. Michael Koltai