Capacitance Multiplier

A “capacitance multiplier” circuit can increase the effective value of a small capacitor C1 to a much larger value. The capacitance  seen at Vout is: Cout = C1 * R1/R3. Note that this circuit is only for a ground- referenced capacitor. Rs = R3. The output capacitance can be verified by placing an AC source in series with a resistor tied to Vout and running an AC frequency  response analysis. As seen in the result below, the 100pF capacitor has been multiplied by 1,000. Bypass capacitors are not shown.  (From a NSC app note) Circuit is created by Neil P. Albaugh  TI – Tucson

Capacitance Multiplier circuit: capacitance multiplier for blog

Online Simulation of the Capacitance Multiplier Circuit

The great feature of the TINA circuit simulator that you can analyze this circuit immediately with TINACloud the online version of TINA. Of course you can also run this circuit in the off-line version of TINA.

Click here to invoke TINACloud  and analyze the circuit yourself, or  watch our tutorial video!

You can send this link to any TINACloud customers and they can immediatelly load it by a single click and then run using TINACloud.

Michael Koltai