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Online Simulation a Transimpedance Amplifier Circuit

This fast photodiode transimpedance amplifier is based on a high- speed JFET- input op amp OPA657. This op amp is compensated for a minimum closed- loop gain of 7V/V but the capacitance of the photodiode plus the op amp input capacitance together with the feedback resistor R1 provides a noise gain at high frequency that allows stable operation. Compensation capacitor C1 optimizes the amplifier bandwidth / gain peaking tradeoff. Achieving this level of performance requires very careful layout and the circuit must be shielded to prevent noise pickup. (Circuit is created by Neil P. Albaugh,  TI- Tucson)

Transimpedance amplifier circuit:

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Online Simulation a Transimpedance Amplifier Circuit

The great feature of the TINA circuit simulator that you can analyze this circuit immediately with TINACloud the online version of TINA. Of course you can also run this circuit in the off-line version of TINA.

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