Speech Compression Amplifier

Speech Compression Amplifier With Linear Gain = 20V/V

Compression amplifiers are frequently used to prevent overmodulation of AM transmitters. This prevents the creation of spurious modulation products called “splatter”. The “soft knee” of the transfer curve also imparts a “vacuum tube- like” sound to audio signals and musical instruments. The brightness of the LEDs indicate the degree of compression.  Bypass capacitors are not shown. (Circuit is created by Neil P. Albaugh,  TI-Tucson)

Speech Compression Amplifier With  Linear Gain = 20V/V circuit:


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Online Simulation of the “Speech Compression Amplifier With  Linear Gain = 20V/V” Circuit

The great feature of the TINA circuit simulator that you can analyze this circuit immediately with TINACloud the online version of TINA. Of course you can also run this circuit in the off-line version of TINA.

Click here to invoke TINACloud and analyze the circuit, or watch our tutorial video!

You can send this link to any TINACloud customers and they can immediatelly load it by a single click and then run using TINACloud.

Michael Koltai