Spice Models

Creating subcircuits from Spice Models: .MODEL format, now with English voice over

In TINA you can also create your own components from any Spice models given in .MODEL format that you have made or downloaded from the Internet.

Watch our tutorial video to see how to create a  TINA macro component using a BC846 NPN Bipolar transistor downloaded previously from the web.


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You can also find below the script of the video:

Creating Subcircuits from Spice Models: .MODEL format

In TINA you can also create your own components from any Spice models given in .MODEL format that you have made or downloaded from the Internet.

Some device models are stored in Spice .MODEL format. Let’s download one from the internet and add the model to TINA

Here is the model of the BC846 NPN Bipolar transistor

Let’ save this model

In Google Chrome click the right mouse button.

In other browsers find the Save as command

Select Save as…

Save it as a .mod file, as this is the extension that TINA expects

Let’s see how to add this model to TINA after starting the program

Click the Tools menu

Select the New Macro Wizard

Enter the name of the model BC846

Change the Settings from Current circuit to From file

Click the Open icon

Select the Downloads folder where the BC846.mod file is saved

Switch the Files of type into (*.CIR; *.LIB; *.MOD), then enter the file name BC846.mod

Click Open

Now click Next

Note that into the TINA Macros folder you can save with Administrator rights only.

So select User Macros

then click Save

In the New Macro Wizard dialog box now the following message appears:

The macro file is ready for use, it can be inserted by selecting Insert Macro or by pressing the Insert button below.

Now click the Insert button

the Macro will be attached to your cursor and you can place it wherever you wish on the workspace

Double-click the Macro & click Enter macro to see its content

A small schematic design inside the macro appears

Double-click the Transistor

then press the … button in the Type line

Here you can see the detailed description of the model which has been downloaded from the internet

Let’s close the Model Parameters window

Click the Close icon on the Toolbar if you wish to close the Macro and go back to the Schematic Editor of TINA

You can also Insert the new model using the Insert Macro command.

Select Macro from the Insert menu

From the Macrolib folder select BC846.TSM and press Open.

The new model will appear attached to your cursor and you can place it anywhere on the workspace.

This how you can add a device model in .MODEL format. You can similarly add any Spice models, diodes, transistors, MOSFETS etc. which are defined by the standard Spice .MODEL format.

You can also add such models to TINACloud.


It is of course not necessary to add devices with .MODEL definition one by one. You can also add a number of such devices in one step using the Library Manager of TINA. This process will be demonstrated in a separate video and also described in chapter 5.3 of the Users Manual of TINA. However if you need to add just one or two new models then the procedure outlined in this video might be simpler.