Triangle & Square Wave Oscillator

Triangle & Square Wave Oscillator 1kHz

This simple relaxation oscillator provides both a square- wave and a triangular- wave output. This oscillator is biased for operation on a single +5V supply. The DC component of each output can be removed by capacitive coupling if necessary.Since a rail-to-rail output op amp is used for U1, the square wave output amplitude is the same as its supply voltage. Alower quiescent current op amp such as an OPA364 can be used if Iq is important. Oscillator frequency is determined by C1 & R1. The Transient Analysis used the “Zero initial conditions” to aid the oscillator start- up. This start- up time is visible for the first few milliseconds in the waveform above. (Circuit is created by Neil P. Albaugh  TI- Tucson)


“Triangle & Square Wave Oscillator 1kHz” circuit:

Triangle and square wave ocsillator-blog

Online Simulation of the “Triangle & Square Wave Oscillator 1kHz” Circuit

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