Abridged (Summarized) Videos on TINA and TINACloud

Simulation of basic and analog circuits with TINA and TINACloud

Now we have hundreds of tutorial and informational videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TinaDesignSuite

What if you just have time for a quick video introduction to TINA and TINACloud capabilities, but, in addition to the results, you also want to see the most important steps in obtaining them?

For this purpose, we’ve been creating abridged (summarized) videos showing the most important steps of creating and analyzing analog, digital, and MCU circuits, including Arduino.

Here are our first two abridged videos:

1) Simulation of Basic Analog and Digital circuits with TINA


2) Simulation of Basic Analog and Digital circuits with TINACloud 

We hope that you will find these useful, and we look forward to your comments.

Note that, for each topic in these videos, we have detailed video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

You can learn more about TINA here: www.tina.com

You can learn more about TINACloud here: www.tinacloud.com