How to analyze circuits in time domain with TINA?

In this tutorial video, we will demonstrate and compare the tools available in TINA, for analyzing circuits in time domain.

In TINA, you can analyze circuits in time domain, employing two different tools:

  • Transient analysis from the Analysis menu of TINA

  • Simulated virtual Oscilloscope from the T&M menu of TINA


The Transient Analysis presents the response of a circuit, to the excitations applied to it, as a diagram, image file or text file.


In practice, we very often use an oscilloscope to measure, analyze, and debug circuits in the time domain. So, it seems obvious that a simulated oscilloscope can be used in circuit simulation as well.

You can get the same results using Transient analysis and Simulated Virtual Oscilloscope in TINA. The virtual Oscilloscope is closer to practical measurements and can be very well used for interactive fine-tuning of circuits, while the Transient Analysis is simpler to set up and it is the only tool for analyzing large circuits.

Watch our tutorial video to learn more.

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