Season Sales of TINA v11.2 with lot of new features

Dear Valued Customer,

Your favorite circuit simulation application just got better with the new release of TINA v11.2.

This version supports a lot of exciting new technologies responding to the requests we’ve received from our customers.

Some of the many things we’ve worked on since the release of v11 include the followings:

What’s new in TINA v11.2?
  • D-Class Amplifiers with Stereo Playback capability
  • Extended Arduino library and application examples (Mega, Micro. Mini, Nano, Uno)
  • 114 new AVR MCU models
  • Atmel Studio C compiler integration
  • New Sigma-Delta converters
  • Arduino based Internet of Things (IoT) interface and examples
  • 2-Line LCD display
  • Extended stress analysis for spice macros
  • Ripple calculation for given part of curves
  • Export of Diagrams in CSDF file format (Common Simulation Data Format)
  • New hotkeys and undo/redo for ease of use
  • learn more or click here to watch the video on TINA v11.2 new features
What was new in TINA v11?
  • Windows 10 compatibilty
  • 8,000+ new parts, including power electronics devices
  • Industrial Power, Lighting, Motor Control application circuits
  • SystemC support, add your own MCU with SystemC
  • Transient Noise Analysis
  • BSIM4 model
  • New analysis mode: Batch simulation (Analysis.Batch Simulation…)
  • Faster MCU simulation, real time simulation of delays
  • Global parameters in Classic & Educational editions
  • Advanced DRC isolation parameters and Z-ordering for copper shapes for PCBs
  • and much more
For owners of TINA v11.0 and v11.1 our latest release is now accessible free of charge via the “Help->Check for updates” menu.

For upgrades from older versions please check our special upgrade prices at

For a complete list of new features and improvements from TINA v6 to v11 see the TINA v11 News or watch the video

End-of-Year Promotion

For those of you who have not yet upgraded to any of our TINA 11 versions, you can catch up now by taking advantage of our Year 2017 Promotion.

As when you purchase any TINA 11 upgrade you will also get:

  • 30% discount from all prices,
  • Software licenses for 3 computers for all download versions,
  • Online, TINACloud license for 3 years for all platforms, and
  • Free HDL package (VHDL, Verilog, Verilog A & AMS) for the Educational, Classic and Industrial versions
This offer is valid till midnight Dec 31, 2017.

Are you worried about your holiday presents? It is still not late to order TINA as a gift for your friends or for yourself! Just order your copy now and download within a day.

Thank you for being our customer and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

DesignSoft Team,

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