4. Manufacturers’ Specifications

CURRENT – 4. Manufacturers’ Specifications

Manufacturer’s specifications

Manufacturer’s specifications provide the characteristics of the op-amp under various operational conditions. The major parameters are shown either in tabular or graphical form. There may also be manufacturer-recommended typical applications for the op-amp. Other items shown in the specification may include examples of the external circuits required to balance the op-amp, or alter the frequency response. This would be an appropriate time to familiarize yourself with the Appendix where we illustrate examples of specification sheets. The μA741 is included and should be viewed as a typical example.

Op-amps are versatile building blocks for use by the designer. As we explore the various applications of these building blocks, it would be most useful to obtain one of the latest copies of a manufacturer’s linear handbook. This contains the various specification sheets and other valuable information for a variety of op-amps and related linear ICs.