The Complete Electronics Lab
  • Analog,Digital,Mixed,RF, Symbolic simulation
  • Spice,HDL and S-parameter models
  • VHDL,Verilog,Verilog-A & AMS, SystemC
  • MCU simulation in mixed circuits
  • Monte-Carlo,Worst Case & Stress Analysis
  • AC & Transient Noise Analysis
  • Interactive simulation and animation
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Remote measurements
  • Distance Teaching & Learning
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  • Upload your designs to TINACLOUD
  • Run anywhere on any platforms
  • Download projects from TINACloud to PC
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Mixed HDL Simulation
  • VHDL, Verilog, SystemC
  • VHDL and Verilog Debugger
  • Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS
  • Spice & HDL in same Circuit
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  • Use in office and at home
  • Use while you are mobile
  • Educational site licenses
  • Industrial site licenses
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  • MCU simulation in digital and mixed circuits
  • Hex, ASM, C, Flowchart programming
  • Hex, ASM, C, Flowchart Debugger
  • PIC, AVR, ARM, XMC, 8051, over 800 MCUs
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  • Fast multi-core analysis
  • Large number of SMPS devices
  • DC, AC and Transient Analysis
  • Startup, Input and load step
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Analog, Digital, MCU, Mixed-Signal and RF Devices in TINA

The TINA library includes over 20,000 components which can be modified by the user. Component models include:

Sources: current source, voltage source, current generator, voltage generator, linear and on-linear controlled sources (CCCS, VCCS, CCVS, VCVS), digital pulse source, digital clock, Spice PWL excitation

Passive components: resistor, potentiometer, capacitor, charged capacitor, inductor, energy-storing inductor, coupled inductors, transformer, nonlinear inductors and transformers, transmission line, diode, Zener-diode, varicap-diode, Schottky-diode, lamp, motor, fuse

Optoelectronic components: LED, photodiode, photoresistor, phototransistor, solar cell, optocoupler

Active components: bipolar transistor (NPN and PNP), MOS transistor (enhancement- and depletion-mode, N and P channel), JFET (N and P channel), BSIM MOS models, thyristor, triac, diac, ideal operational amplifier, operational amplifier, smps controllers

RF components, RF models, RF parts: RF capacitors, inductors, diodes, bipolar and MOS transistors with Spice- and S-parameter models

Gates: buffer, tri-state buffer, inverter, Schmidt inverter, AND (2, 3, and 4 inputs), OR (2, 3, and 4 inputs), NAND (2, 3, and 4 inputs), NOR (2, 3, and 4 inputs), and XOR

Flip-flops: D latch, D flip-flop, SR flip-flop, JK flip-flop

Digital ICs: 74000 logic family, 4000 logic family, AD and DA converters

Microcontrollers, MCU devices: PIC, AVR, 8051 including mixed signal interface

Manufacturer's models: Spice models from leading semiconductor manufacturers, Analog Devices, Burr-Brown, Motorola, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Zetex and more

Other components: time controlled switch, voltage controlled switch, relays, timer, analog control blocks, pull-up resistor, indicator, seven-segment display, keypad, electron tube

Measuring instruments: voltage meter, open circuit, voltage pin, test point (for real-time measurements), ampere meter, current arrow, power meter, impedance meter

Virtual Instruments Digital multimeter, function generator, storage oscilloscope, XY recorder, signal analyzer, spectrum-analyzer, network analyzer, digital signal generator, and logic analyzer.