Virtual Instruments in TINA

Virtual Instruments in TINA

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You can work in a simulated electronics lab using a wide range of powerful virtual instruments. Unlike lab instruments, however, these circuit simulation driven instruments cost nothing and require no maintenance.

Digital Multimeter

Measure DC and AC voltage and current, resistance, and frequency with TINA’s Digital Multimeter. You can use the multimeter in manual or in autoranging mode.

Function Generator

Generate sinusoidal, square, and triangular waveforms at virtually any frequency. The powerful sweep mode lets you choose start/stop frequencies, step size, step time, and single or continuous sweeps.

Digital Signal Generator

Use the Digital Signal Generator to create any number of arbitrary digital signals to serve as stimuli for your logic circuit. Set up timing patterns effortlessly using the built in editor with insert, repeat, and delete functions as well as graphics cursor editing.

Storage Oscilloscope

Display analog waveforms with TINA’s multichannel analog Storage Oscilloscope. You can select external or internal triggering and a variety of trigger modes. You can also move graphics cursors to accurately measure voltage and time.

Signal Analyzer

Working automatically in conjunction with the Function Generator, the Signal Analyzer measures and displays Bode amplitude and phase diagrams, Nyquist diagrams, and more.

Logic Analyzer

Debug your digital circuit with the advanced Logic Analyzer. Select any number of channels and arrange them into groups for easier viewing. You can also define trigger patterns so that the analyzer will capture a critical data segment.

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