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Circuit diagrams are entered using an easy to use Schematic Editor of TINA.

Component symbols chosen from the Component bar are positioned, moved, rotated and/or mirrored on the screen by the mouse. TINA’s semiconductor catalog allows the user to select components from a user-extendible library. An advanced “rubber wire” tool is provided allowing easy modification of the schematic diagrams. You can open any number of circuit files or subcircuits, cut, copy and paste circuit segments from one circuit into another, and, of course analyze any of the currently open circuits.

TINA gives you tools to enhance your schematic design by adding graphics elements such as lines, arcs, arrows, frames around text and title blocks. You can also draw non-orthogonal (diagonal) components such as bridges and 3-phase networks.

Schematic Editor FM modulator circuit

You can also copy and paste analysis results (diagrams) into the schematic diagram and vice versa, and so store the schematic design together with the circuit analysis results.

Transient waveform diagram

Electrical Rules Check (ERC)

Electrical Rules Check (ERC) will examine the circuit for questionable connections between components and display the results in the Electrical Rules Check window. ERC is invoked automatically, so missing connections will be brought to your attention before analysis begins.

Electric rules check
Schematic editor ERC

Text and Equation Editor

TINA includes a Text and Equation Editor for annotating schematics, calculations, includes graphic output, and measurement results. It is an invaluable aid to engineers documenting designs and teachers preparing problems and examples.

Design notes
Equation editor

In addition to Schematic diagrams all of TINA’s analysis functions will work from PSpice format netlist input as well.

Netlists appear in a netlist editor window as text which can be edited and saved. Netlists can be exported and imported in Pspice format and also to drive popular PCB packages such as ORCAD, TANGO, PCAD, PROTEL, REDAC and other programs.

Netlist editor

The circuit diagrams and the calculated or measured results can be printed or saved to files in standard Windows BMP, JPG and WMF format.

These output files can be processed by a number of well-known software packages (Microsoft Word, Corel Draw etc.). 

In summary, the Schematic Capture tool of TINA provides a powerful yet convenient way to create or edit your circuits.

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