Embedded full Python programming language in TINA for additional calculations, circuit design and more

In addition to the Interpreter, from v14 of TINA the Python programming language (  is also available in TINA. Python is a modern high-level, general-purpose programming language with extensive libraries and a lot of free programs available for various topics which can be used in TINA. You can find use examples in the Examples\Python and Examples\Design Tool folder of TINA.

TINA includes a Python Shell for getting started:

Python shell window
Python Shell window with result
Analyzing an RC circuit using Python

Analyzing an RC circuit using Python

RC circuit with Python Shell window
RC circuit with Python Shell window
AC Ampli diagram after pressing the green button in the Python Shell window
By pressing the green Run button we can see the result as above

Python Support in Design Tool

Design Tool is a unique and powerful tool in TINA working with the design equations of your circuit to ensure that the specified inputs result in the specified output response. The tool offers you a solution engine that you can use to solve repetitively and accurately for various scenarios. The calculated component values are automatically set in place in the companion TINA schematic and you can check the result by simulation. This feature is also very useful for semiconductor and other electronics component manufacturers to provide application circuits along with the design procedure.

Now you can add design procedures to your design using the standard Python programming language as well.

Python support in Design Tool_ circuit with Design Tool menu
Python support in Design Tool circuit and the Design Tool menu

In this design the design procedure is described in Python. You can modify and write a new one.

Specifying the output voltage at V_out = 3V
Specifying the output voltage at V_out = 3V

After pressing the green Run button the program will draw the calculated Efficiency, Bode, Startup, VCC ripple voltages and the redesigned components:

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