PCB Design with TINA

Create single, double-sided or multilayer PCBs of your circuits with a single mouse click, using automatically-placed and routed components.

All components in TINA are “PCB-ready” and have associated footprints. If necessary, you can review and edit a component’s footprint using the components’ spreadsheet. 

TINA’s unique 3D capability displays a schematic with the physical parts in place of their electronic symbols. You can also view the PCB in 3D from any angle to see how it will look after manufacture.

The fully integrated layout module of TINA has all the features you need for advanced PCB design, including:

  • powerful autoplacement & autorouting
  • flexible PCBs
  • manual and “follow-me” trace placement
  • DRC
  • forward/back annotation
  • pin/gate swapping
  • keep-in/out areas
  • thermal relief
  • fanout
  • plane layers
  • Gerber file output and much more

Single layer SMD circuit

Microphone pre-amplifier one layer SMD circuit
Microphone pre-amplifier circuit
PCB Design with TINA-Single layer SMD circuit
Single layer SMD circuit in 3D

Double layer through-hole circuit

Double layer through-hole circuit-Active Low-pass filter circuit
PCB Design with TINA, Active low-pass filter circuit
PCB Design with TINA, Double layer through-hole circuit
Active low-pass filter 3D view

4-layer SMD circuit

FPGA Schematic editor
PCB Design with TINA, 4-layer SMD circuit
4-layer SMD circuit in 3D
4-layer SMD circuit in 3D, bottom view

Flexible PCB Layout (Flex PCB)

Flex PCBs are PCBs whose electronic devices are mounted on flexible plastic substrates. They are widely used in modern electronics where space is a critical factor e.g., cameras, mobile phones, etc. TINA supports Flex PCB design, which we will introduce by way of an example. Our example will consist of a conventional rigid PCB with two flexible extensions.

Example file „PIC Flasher DIP4SW flex top.TSC” from the ExamplesPCB folder of TINA:

TINA can present a 3D view of the circuit board.

Press the rightmost button (3D View) in the TINA PCB Designer program see the PCB as presented in the next figure:

PIC Flasher DIP4SW flex top
PIC Flasher in 3D

Adding 3D Enclosure to your PCB design

USB security key
PCB Design with TINA, USB dongle
USB dongle
Adding 3D Enclosure to your PCB design, transparent
Adding 3D Enclosure to your PCB design