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  • MCU simulation in mixed circuits
  • Monte-Carlo,Worst Case & Stress Analysis
  • AC & Transient Noise Analysis
  • Interactive simulation and animation
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Mixed HDL Simulation
  • VHDL, Verilog, SystemC
  • VHDL and Verilog Debugger
  • Verilog-A and Verilog-AMS
  • Spice & HDL in same Circuit
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  • MCU simulation in digital and mixed circuits
  • Hex, ASM, C, Flowchart programming
  • Hex, ASM, C, Flowchart Debugger
  • PIC, AVR, ARM, XMC, 8051, over 800 MCUs
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  • Fast multi-core analysis
  • Large number of SMPS devices
  • DC, AC and Transient Analysis
  • Startup, Input and load step
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Tolerance Analysis

Tolerances can be assigned to the circuit elements for use in Monte-Carlo or worst-case analyses. The results can be evaluated statistically using expected means, standard deviations, and yields. Moving the cursor onto a particular curve retrieves the corresponding component values so that extreme results may be interpreted. The tolerance models provided for each component allow uniform, Gaussian, or general distribution. Using general distribution, you can define asymmetric tolerance as well as group tolerance. With group tolerance, you can even model negative tracking, where the component values of one group will be changed in the opposite direction of the other group.

Monte Carlo Analysis of a High Sensitivity High Pass Filter
Click the picture to run this circuit online with TINACloud

Monte Carlo Analysis of a Low Sensitivity Low Pass Filter
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Circuit Sensitivity Analysis--An Important Tool for Analog Circuit Design by Mark Fortunato