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1kHz 4th order Chebyshev Low-pass filter
This circuit is a 4th-order low-pass Chebyshev filter with 1kHz Cutoff frequency. It is inherently a phase
inverting configuration but since two inverting stages are in cascade the filter output is non- inverting.
SMPS analysis, Boost converter
Analysis of an SMPS circuit. Boost converter 1.2V to 3.3V.
Boost Converter with PIC control
Mixed Mode Simulation (Spice – VHDL – MCU co-simulation)
MCU controlled SMPS circuit
8-Channel Ultrasound Analog Front End with Passive CW Mixer
Test circuit for the TI AFE5808 an Analog Front-End (AFE) IC, specifically designed for ultrasound systems.
Note that although the IC contains more than 4000 nodes, the calculation takes just a few seconds
due to the advanced KLU matrix solver in TINACloud (see the Analysis/Options dialog).
Mixed circuit analysis, Digital waveform Synthesizer
Mixed Mode Spice – VHDL – MCU co-simulation. This circuit is a digital waveform synthesizer. The digital
waveforms (sine, saw and square) are generated by a VHDL subcircuit then converted to analog signal by
a DA converter and finally in case of the sinusoidal waveform smoothed by low pas active filter.
Mixed circuit analysis, PSK Demodulator
Mixed circuit example consisting of simple analog and digital components.
Excitation Editor, Amplitude Modulation
User Defined Excitation (ARB)
Analog waveform definition using TINA’s Interpreter (User Excitations -> AM.TSC)
PWL Generator
User Defined Excitation (ARB)
PWL source (User Excitations -> PWL.TSC)
Digital VHDL Simulation, VHDL counter
Digital VHDL Simulation
Digital Simulation of a Synchronous Up/Down BCD Counter circuit made up of logic ICs
Digital waveform, Half Adder
User Defined Excitation (ARB)
Digital Waveform definition (HALF_ADD.TSC)
Mictrocontroller circuit 1
Microcontroller ( MCU ) counter circuit
Interactive Simulation Mode
Digital circuit with a keypad (Dig mode)
Interactive Mode, Thyristor switch
Interactive Simulation Mode
Light Switch with Thyristor (DC mode)
Interactive Mode, Light Switch with Thyristor
Interactive Simulation Mode
This circuit demonstrates Ladder (relay) Logic widely used in Process Control (PLC).
Interactive Simulation Mode
VHDL calculator
Symbolic Analysis, Active Bandpass filter circuit
Symbolic analysis producing the closed form expression of the transfer function
Spice Simulation, Soft Clipping Amplifier circuit
Spice Simulation with TINACloud
Stress Analysis
Stress Analysis
OPA 350 Noise Calculation
Noise Analysis
Monte Carlo Analyis of a High Sensitivity Low pass filter circuit
Tolerance Analysis
Monte Carlo Analysis of a High Sensitivity High Pass Filter
Monte Carlo Analysis of a Low Sensitivity Low pass filter circuit
Tolerance Analysis
Monte Carlo Analysis of a Low Sensitivity Low Pass Filter