EDISON: Network Installation

EDISON: Network Installation

1) Logon to your server with administrator/supervisor privileges.

2) Install EDISON on a network drive as decribed in the 2.2 chapter of the manual.

Now you have successfully installed EDISON on the file server. However to finish the network installation, you must run the a special setup program on each workstation (client) where you want to use EDISON.

3) Select the Run command from the Windows Start menu, enter the command U: \EDISON\NWSetup\NSETUP (where U: represents your network drive) and follow the instructions.


1) Before running NSETUP, make sure that in each client a mapped drive has been set to the network drive containing the Tina program directory (e.g., U:).

2) This special network version of EDISON will only run if installed on a file server. It will run on workstations where the setup with the NSETUP program has been already done.

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