EDISON: Trouble-shooting

Edison Problem Solving Guide

In Trouble-shooting problems, you first try out the circuit and perhaps carry out some measurements. Press OK to return to the circuit, then begin by trying out the circuit.

To achieve the highest score, you must find the faulty part on the first try, touching it with the screwdriver before touching any other part.

In most cases, you will have to take measurements to determine which part of the circuit is faulty. Note that not only the parts themselves, but also the instruments, batteries, and wires can be faulty. For instance, you can measure the voltage across the ends of a wire or the terminals of an ammeter: if you find a voltage different from zero, then the wire or ammeter is open. Of course, even if the voltage measures zero, the wire or the ammeter could still be faulty depending on the other parts of the circuit, e.g., an open switch. You can make as many measurements as you like before coming to a conclusion and testing it by using the screwdriver to “repair” the defective part.

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