New features of TINACloud

New features of TINACloud

TINACloud 2.0:

TINACloud New Features Video

New features in TINACloud tumbnail

December, 2021
  • Voltage and Current animation 
  • Motor animation
  • Improved Bill of Materials   
  • Hierarchical macro viewer    
  • Text tool in Diagram window
  • Arduino compiler
  • Google Cloud IOT interface
  • Curve panes editor
  • Dual axes
  • Post processor in Diagram Window
  • Formatted texts in circuit editor
  • Intel Quartus FPGA export
December, 2020

New features

  • Interactive switches
  • Libraries dialog in Arduino code editor
  • Hierarchical macro viewer
  • Columns menu in BOM dialog
  • Motor animation
  • Current flow and voltage animation 
  • Improved “Remember diagram settings”, preserve whole structure of the diagram
  • Text tool in Diagram window

New Devices

  • EEPROM and ROM models         
  • 7 Segment display 4 digit model         
  • New NXP microcontroller devices         
  • New AVR devices: ATMega4808, ATMega4809         
  • Improved IOT interface: Arduino support         
  • Arduino Wifi101 support         
  • Sensor models:         
    • Ultrasonic sensor         
    • PIR sensor         
    • Light Sensor
    • Infrared distance sensor         
  • More than 590 power electronic circuits and devices from InfineonTechnologies
December, 2018
  • Schematic editor in the main window
  • Instant save of any changes in circuit
  • Virtual instruments
  • Advanced analysis control links
  • PCB Design
October, 2016
  • 8,000+ new parts
  • SystemC support
  • Infineon design folder
  • XMC microcontrollers
  • Efficiency meter
  • Analysis control links
  • Macro editing
  • Insert picture
  • Overlay curves
  • Compare windows
March 20, 2015
  • Curve preview in signal editor
  • Axis scale can be set
  • MCU code preview
February, 2015
  • Auto precision on axis when curve is zoomed
  • Curve can be deleted from the diagram
December, 2014
  • HTTP link in circuit texts
October, 2014
  • Curve labels in diagram window
  • Show cursor position (row,col) in code editor
September, 2014
  • New mobile menu button labels
August, 2014
  • Autosave edited circuit to prevent data loss in case of network problems
July, 2014
  • Interpreter window
June, 2014
  • Save dialog with folder and file management
  • New equation editor window
March, 2014
  • Instant diagram drawing (during calculation)
  • User macros can now be deleted
  • Multiple analysis hints in diagram window
Oct 5, 2013
  • MCU screen (chess game)
  • HDL debugger
  • Global parameters dialog
  • Saved measurement
Sept 30, 2013
  • New: Export to / Import from Google Drive
  • New: Show calculated cursor values like frequency and slope
  • New: Load/Save analysis parameters
  • FIX: Win8 touch support in circuit editor
June 21, 2013
  • New: Analysis parameters save/load
  • New: Upload circuits in *.edf, *.zip format
  • New: User info hint, if you move the mouse about the welcome message in the title bar.
  • Fixed: Editor zoom shortcuts in Chrome
May 23, 2013
  • New: Show/Hide component parameters checkbox in property editor
  • New: MCU debugger for C project and HEX/LST
  • New: MCU code upload
  • New: Curve parameters table for multiple analyses
  • Fixed: File upload authorization bug in some cases
Apr 25, 2013
  • New: AC/DC Table result can be copied to clipboard to paste it into editor
  • New: MCU asm debugger
  • Fixed: Report generation file not found (404) error
Mar 25, 2013
  • New: Public Circuits Forum
  • New: View and edit user macros
  • New: Diagram curves copy/paste
  • New: Diagram scroll
  • New: Recent files menu
  • New: Framework update -> faster page loads, fixed arabic layout, other small layout fixes
  • New: Symbolic analysis on real non-linear opamps with symbolic models
  • New: Symbolic results can be interpreted and drawn in diagram window
Feb 25, 2013
  • New: Diagram axis and curves settings dialog
  • New: Sharing dialog with links, email and forum
  • New: Download circuit as version 7 tsc
  • New: View schematic macro content from property dialog
  • New: Draw symbolic results using the built in Interpreter
  • New: Tsm macro upload in schematic editor
  • Fixed: Incorrect cursor data for rectangular waveforms in Dialog window
  • Fixed: After Copy-New-Paste component properties could not be edited in Schematic Editor
Jan 24, 2013
  • New: Rubber wiring tool in Schematic editor
  • New: Multiple selection in Schematic editor
  • New: Copy/Paste in Schematic editor
  • New: Undo/Redo in Schematic editor
  • New: Global parameters (for Industrial version only )
  • Changed: Insert menu in Schematic editor toolbar
  • Fixed: Equation editing in Schematic editor
  • Cosmetic fix: Diagram insertion in Schematic editor
  • Fixed User macro definition bug
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