Tina Upgrade

Tina Upgrade


Offline Circuit Simulation & PCB Design with TINA Design Suite

TINA Design Suite is a powerful yet affordable circuit simulation and PCB design software package for analyzing, designing, and real time testing of analog, digital, HDL, MCU, and mixed electronic circuits and their PCB layouts. You can also analyze SMPS, RF, communication, and optoelectronic circuits; generate and debug MCU code using the integrated flowchart tool; and test microcontroller applications in a mixed circuit environment. A unique feature of TINA is that you can bring your circuit to life with the optional USB controlled LabXplorer and TINALab II hardware, which turn your computer into a powerful, multifunction T&M instrument. Electrical engineers will find TINA an easy to use, high performance tool, while educators will welcome its unique features for the training environment.

Upgrade to the full versions of TINA and TINACloud with 30% discount!

Online access with TINACloud.

In additon to the installable versions now you can also edit and run your circuit simulation designs online on PCs, Macs, thin clients, tablets-even on many smart phones, smart TVs and e-book readers using TINACloud without any installation. You can use TINACloud in the office, classroom, at home and while travelling, anywhere in the world that has internet access. For limited time we are offering a FREE bundle of TINACloud with all new licenses of TINA. Learn more about TINACloud at www.tinacloud.com.Click here to register and get access to TINACloud for a fraction of the off-line version’s price.

Click here to register and get access to TINACloud for a fraction of the off-line version’s price.

TINACloud also serves as an engine of Infinenon Designer the first online prototyping application combining analog and digital simulation functionalities in an internet application. Requiring a web browser only, it is a perfect match for supporting customers in selecting the right product for a defined application. Infineon Designer works intuitively in a very short time, and neither installation nor licenses are needed. The program features application circuits in the domain of Industrial Power, Lighting, Motor Control and Mobile/RF frontend design. It enables analogue/digital co-simulation of the 32-bit XMC1000 industrial microcontroller ARM Cortex-M0 series, using the free-of-charge code generation platform DAVE.

TINACloud is fully compatible with Infinenon Designer. The designs made in Infineon Designer can be uploaded into TINACloud and processed further by extending or inserting them into application circuits. Infineon Designer’s application circuits are also available in TINACloud.

Top 20 features of Tina 14 Design Suite and/or TINACloud:

  1. You get the best of 2 worlds: You can Download TINA 14 and run off-line + run TINACloud online. What is TINA? What is TINACloud?
  2. Multilanguage capability, instant language change for licensed languages
  3. Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 compatibility
  4. Edit, Run & Present your circuit designs with TINACloud anywhere that has internet access, integration with TINACloud
  5. IBIS model import and analysis
  6. More than 1000 inductor models from Würth Elektronik
  7. Super-fast multi-core engine, lightning fast on dual and quad-core computers
  8. Easy-to-use Schematic Entry, with schematic preview, open circuits/macros from the Web, EDIF import
  9. Global Spice variables
  10. Powerful Analysis Tools: mix analog, digital, MCU and HDL simulation
  11. Design Tool: store your circuit and the design procedure  in Python together
  12. Integrated in Microcontroller (MCU) simulator and debugger, with over 1400 MCUs.
  13. C, Assembly, and Flowchart programming and debugging
  14. 7 HDL languages: Verilog, Verilog A, Verilog-AMS , VHDL, VHDL-AMS,  SystemC, SystemVerilog
  15. Built in HDL compiler, test your design and then download to FPGAs
  16. Integrated PCB Design with Gerber and NC file export
  17. Advanced Presentation Tools: Timing, Nyquist, Smith-diagrams and more
  18. Intelligent Spice Model Import tool, works also on the web
  19. Share your circuits on the internet with other users of TINACloud
  20. Send links of your circuits & results to other TINACloud users, who can open and run them even on smartphones

Upgrade to the full versions of TINA and TINACloud with 30% discount!

Spice Simulation

TINA has one on the most powerful and best converging Berkely Spice and XSpice based Spice simulator engine on the market, supporting most Spice dialects with parallelised processing and precompiled models. In addition to the large Spice component libraries in TINA, you can create new TINA components from any Spice subcircuit, whether created by yourself, downloaded from the Internet, obtained from a manufacturer’s CD or from portions of schematics turned into subcircuits. TINA automatically represents these subcircuits as a rectangular block, but you can create any shape you like with TINA’s Schematic Symbol Editor. You can also use TINA’s parameter extractor program to calculate model parameters from catalog or measurement data and then add the new devices into the catalog. 

HDL simulation

TINA now includes all major analog, digital and mixed Hardware Description Languag es: VHDL, Verilog, Verilog-A and Verilog AMS to verify designs in analog, digital and mixed-signal analog-digital environments. Your circuits can contain editable HDL blocks from the libraries of TINA and Xilinx or other HDL components created by yourself or downloaded from the Internet. TINA compiles HDL into highly efficient machine code for speed optimization. You can freely combine HDL and Spice macros and the schematic components of TINA. Also you can edit the HDL source of any HDL components then simulate and see the result instantly. With the built in HDL debugger you can execute the HDL code step-by-step, add breakpoints, watchpoints, display variable information and more. In addition to the large component libraries in TINA, you can create new TINA components from HDL subcircuit. 

Microcontroller (MCU) simulation

TINA includes more than 1400 Microcontroller models from various manufacturers

PIC, AVR, Arduino, 8051, HCS, STM, ARM, TI-Tiva, TI-Sitara, Infineon-XMC 

which you can test, debug and run interactively. The built in MCU assembler allows you to modify your assembler code and see the result promptly. You can also program and debug MCUs with the built-in flowchart tool or in C using external C compilers. 

Super-fast multi-core engine

Every year, electronic circuits become faster and more complex, and therefore require more and more computational power to analyze their operation. To meet this requirement TINA v9 has the ability to utilize the increasingly popular scalable multi-thread CPUs. Computers that incorporate dual or quad core CPUs can deliver up to 20-times faster execution time for TINA’s analysis engine compared to previous versions and main competitors. 

Open from the Web!

Now you can open TINA designs, models and libraries as well as Import Spice .CIR and .LIB files directly from the Web. See our TINA Circuits on Web page where you will find interesting electronic circuit files and links to other websites with circuits and libraries which you can open directly from the web and then simulate with TINA. 

Easy to use schematic entry

Enter any circuit within minutes with TINA’s easy-to-use schematic editor. Enhance your schematics by adding text and graphics elements such lines, arcs arrows, frames around the schematics and title blocks. Choose components from the large library containing more than 20,000 manufacturer models. You can check schematics for errors with TINA’s advanced ERC functions. The schematic editor supports complex hierarchical designs, team design and version control.

Powerful analysis tools

Analyze your circuit through more than 20 different analysis modes or with 10 high tech virtual instruments. Present your results in TINA’s sophisticated diagram windows, on virtual instruments, or in the live interactive mode where you can even edit your circuit during operation, develop, run, debug and test HDL & MCU applications.

Design Tool

This powerful tool works with the design equations of your circuit to ensure that the specified inputs result in the specified output response. The tool offers you a solution engine that you can use to solve repetitively and accurately for various scenarios. The calculated component values are automatically set in place in the companion TINA schematic and you can check the result by simulation. This new feature is also very useful for semiconductor and other electronics component manufacturers to provide application circuits along with the design procedure. 


Using TINA’s built-in Optimization tool unknown circuit parameters can be determined automatically so that the network can produce a predefined target output values, minimum or maximum. Optimization is useful not only in the design of electronic circuits, but also in teaching, to construct examples and problems. It is a very good tool to refine the results provided by a design procedure or tune already working circuits. 

Integrated PCB design

The new fully integrated layout module of TINA has all the features you need for advanced PCB design, including multilayer PCB’s with split power plane layers, powerful autoplacement & autorouting, rip-up and reroute, manual and “follow-me” trace placement, DRC, forward and back annotation, pin and gate swapping, keep-in and keep-out areas, copper pour, thermal relief, fanout, 3D view of your PCB design from any angle, Gerber file output and much more.

Advanced presentation tools

Make stand-out reports and presentations of schematic diagrams, annotations, formulas provided by symbolic analysis, Bode plots, Nyquist diagrams, poles and zeros, transient responses, digital waveforms, and other data using linear or logarithmic scales. Customize presentations using TINA’s advanced drawing tools to control text, fonts, axes, line width, color and layout. You can create, edit and print documents directly inside TINA or cut & paste your results into your favorite word processing or DTP package.

Educational tools

Educational tools. TINA also includes unique tools for testing students’ knowledge, monitoring progress and introducing troubleshooting techniques. With optional hardware it can be used to test real circuits for comparison with the results obtained from simulation. With the Live 3D breadboard tool you can automatically build a life-like 3D picture of a solderless breadboard. When you run TINA in interactive mode, components like switches, LEDs, instruments, etc. become “live” and will work on the virtual breadboard just as in reality. You can use this capability of TINA to prepare and document lab experiments. You can also use the integrated Flowchart Editor and Debugger to generate and debug the MCU code, learning and teaching microcontroller programming.

Virtual Instruments

Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Multimeter, Signal Analyzer/Bode Plotter, Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Digital Signal Generator, XY Recorder.

Real time measurements

TINA is far more than a circuit simulator with virtual measurements. You can install optional, supplementary hardware that allows real-time measurements controlled by TINA’s on screen virtual instruments.

TINALab II multifunction PC Instrument

With the TINALab II high speed PC instrument you can turn your laptop or desktop computer into a powerful, multifunction test and measurement instrument. Whichever instrument you need multimeter, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, or digital signal generator it is at your fingertips with a click of the mouse. In addition TINALab II can be used with the TINA circuit simulator program for comparison of circuit simulation and measurement results as a unique tool for circuit development, troubleshooting, and the study of analog and digital electronics.

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